The Most Advanced Inventory Management System to Keep Your Business Productive and Profitable

An Integrated 2 in 1 Solution to Maximize Production and Profitability

Regardless of the size of your facility, optimizing labour and material profitability is a must. Additionally, insurance & OEM partners constantly require increased performance and results from their preferred collision facilities. With an automated supply chain that can communicate proactively with your facility, coupled with intuitive documented processes; you can increase production and profitability, while improving cycle time and inventory turnover.

Automated Procurement And Documented Solutions That Are Managed For You

Automated Procurement

For increased performance and consistent repeatable repairs you also need a solution that can seamlessly touch every department in your facility:

  • Body
  • Paint-Preparation
  • Paint
  • Detail

As no two body shops are exactly alike you need an answer that can be tailored and customizable to your unique requirements and specifications. A solution that is both product based and process based.

Kube IM
What is it?

Automated inventory management through a barcode scanning system.

Why is it helpful?

1. Inventory levels are constantly monitored to ensure there is no under or over stocking
2. Added real-time inventory intelligence through tracking and reporting
3. Higher inventory turnover, limiting waste and increasing profitability
4. Ensures you always have the right products at the right time, increasing your productivity

How does it work?

1. Technicians scan out inventory items that are to be used
2. Based on preset min/max quantities, orders are automatically generated and sent to Color Compass for processing
3. Once delivered, there is a simple one scan process to receive the items and bring the inventory back to the correct levels

The Kube Process

Step 1
Step 1
  • We Conduct a Full Inventory Audit
  • Remove Dead, Duplicate, or Overstocked Product
Step 2
Step 2
  • The Facility Will Undergo a Onetime Inventory Adjustment and Receive a Credit
    * On approved qualifying products
Step 3
Step 3
  • Create a Clean and Efficient Inventory Environment
  • Select and Install New Inventory Cabinets (If necessary)
  • Clean and Repaint Paint Mixing Room (If necessary)
Step 4
Step 4
  • Label Remaining Productive Inventory as "Approved Product" in KUBE IM
  • Establish Min/Max Inventory Levels, Consumption UOM & Delivery Frequency
  • Print and Barcode Label Product Cabinets
  • Setup Barcode Scanner with Technician Training
Step 5
Step 5
  • Work with your Color Compass Representative to Establish your Unique KUBE Documented Solutions Processes
  • Train Technicians on your KUBE DS Platform

Automated Inventory Replenishment

The KUBE IM re-plan engine produces automatic purchase orders based on reorder points, minimum and maximum quantities, and consumption. System generated purchase orders will be created with the appropriate quantities to bring inventories back up to their desired stock levels. Automatic replenishment helps to reduce stock shortages and ensure that orders are always placed on time.

Automated Inventory Replenishment

Mixing Room Integration

With ColorPASS, KUBE IM fully interfaces with BASF and AKZO Nobel color software and mixing scales in the paint mixing room. The ColorPASS system will automatically track your liquid inventory to the gram, and place orders as your technicians are mixing liquids over the scale. With ColorPASS you will be able to fully analyze your liquid inventory and track consumption at any level of complexity.

Intelligent Inventory

With KUBE IM you can customize the specifics at each stage of the consumption and re-order process, along with what order they are completed in. The KUBE support team will help analyze your inventory and determine your appropriate min/max levels, and delivery frequency to ensure you always have the right products at the right time. Receiving inventory has also never been easier, with just one barcode scan for all of the delivered products.

Intelligent Inventory
Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

With KUBE IM, we integrate simple barcode scanners to simplify the data entry process. The scanners integrate a technician or user specific login to further track the replenishment process. Utilizing custom labels printed from the KUBE IM system, organizing, and maintaining inventory has never been easier

Documented Solutions

The KUBE DS system is a set of interactive repair procedures that are customized to the facility’s unique standards. Working with the facility and the product manufacturer, a series of set processes are created for every department of the repair shop; Admin, Paint, Prep, Body Shop, and Detail. The KUBE DS processes can be produced electronically and stored on PCs and mobile devices, as well as printed on paper manuals and wall charts based on the facility’s preference. Included within each process is a wealth of technical data links to instructional videos, manufacturer sites, and productspecific SDS documents.

Documented Solutions

Fully Interactive

KUBE DS gives you the capability of having your facility’s documented processes conveniently in your hands on one single mobile platform. Being cloud based will allow you to login on any device, anywhere. KUBE DS can also be loaded at technician stations and open only to the processes that are relevant to their area of work. Ensuring that each of your departments is adhering to their operating and repair guidelines will ensure that your facility produces exceptional results consistently; leading to increases in production and profitability.

Fully Interactive


"The advantages to KUBE are clear, lower inventory overhead, auto-ordering, consistent inventory numbers, and we are far less likely to run out of a key product, which can happened as a rural shop. We really like the job costing for paint materials, it enables us to quickly track our P&M profitability in an accurate and easy way."
Rodel Morisson
Valley Collision, Melita MB
"Benefits are easy ordering, easy inventory search and updating, KUBE is a great way to track usage through techs and the shop. We are experiencing less waste of product, and advantages are that ordering is always up to date and inventory very well maintained. The production floor is much cleaner and organized with less product and waste around the shop."
Tully Gawazuk
Murray Chev Olds,Brandon MB
"We don’t have to figure out on what supplies and paint materials that we need to order, it’s not a guessing game and saves us a lot of time. If KUBE is used properly, you will never run out of materials. Inventory Valuation at your fingertips and a whole lot of other reporting tools that our shop needs is crucial for us. The KUBE System looks good and well organized and very easy to use. Would highly recommend!"
Sean Earl - Body Shop Manager
Central Auto Body
"KUBE for us means Efficiency. Organization. Inventory-control. We never run out of material, and there is no downtime waiting. Paint integration is well controlled and open inventory game changing."
Wes Huska - Body Shop Manager
Kelleher Dauphin
"Saves money on product, our techs have been more conservative with their product usage since introduced. Our facility is much more organized since we integrated with KUBE. Nice to have a store within the shop, and we have seen our techs become more productive."
James Cooke - Body Shop Manager
Brandon Chrysler
"With KUBE we have seen better inventory controls because of the real-time turn around. KUBE also allows us to maximize our inventory dollars and stock products that we only really need. The live data and reporting that comes with KUBE is invaluable, if we run out of product it’s usually fluke or our fault. It puts all of our technicians on the same page and manages all material the same way."
Rick Gray - Body Shop Manager
Kelleher Brandon
"What we like with the KUBE system is the ease of use and greater control of our inventory. We have also seen increased profitability on our materials!"
Brady Chattington
Cochrane Image Auto Body
"I am not constantly babysitting my inventory; it now takes care of itself allowing me to concentrate on other aspects of the business. - Our supply is much more efficient. I do not carry stock that I do not use. - I have real-time access to my inventory levels and values. - It allows for a nice, organized inventory."
Senad Mujcin
Hak's Auto Body Ltd.
"I really like the well-organized inventory, tracking by tech & department and order/inventory control. Wait times and stock outs are considerably less which provides less down time for a job or tech."
Trent Dayton
South Pointe Toyota Collision
"No brainer for our shop. Lowered inventory by about 20%, increased material profits by 10% and I can now get instant month end inventory value."
Mark Sturby
Superior Paint and Body Ltd.
"We needed an inventory management system as our "ust in case" inventory was getting out of hand and costing a fortune. Our inventory on hand was lowered dramatically right away yet at the same time we experienced far less stock outs as the stock we do carry is actually used, monitored, and replaced. I can also, at any given time, tell how much product I have in my shop. If you have a big busy shop this is the way to go."
Steve Klaprat
Eastern Chrysler
"The KUBE system keeps the right amount of inventory we need in stock at all times.  We never have to worry about running out of something, or having too much of something because the KUBE system keeps monitor of all of that for us. In my opinion the biggest advantage KUBE has for our shop, is helping production stay moving. There are things in our business that we have changed and we would never go back to doing things the old way. KUBE is one of those great changes."
Joel Mcphail
Craig Dunn GM
"KUBE has been a wonderful tool and addition to our business. We have been very impressed with the accuracy of our inventory and the ease of ordering product at any given time. Chase has been wonderful and prompt whenever called upon for any form of technical support with KUBE which has made the transition smooth. We look forward to continuing to incorporate KUBE into our business for many years to come and are very thankful for the value it has added to our business."
Mike Li
Moray Auto Body
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